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Friday, 13 March 2020 17:24

Prevention of occupational risks in the wood sector

The prevention of occupational risks in the wood sector has to be very demanding. The damage that an operator may suffer becomes serious, so the necessary precautions must be respected. Prevention is always ideal, so you need to have a detailed plan and the right equipment to ensure safety.


JSA and protective equipment

Initially, risk prevention must be guaranteed for all personnel. Each post is subject to different risks, which must be included in a plan for its prevention. These will appear described, defined and the pertinent countermeasures will be established. For example, a forklift operator will always be exposed to the forklift overturning, so he must adjust his speed and not make sudden movements.


Of course, the occupational risk plan or JSA will be known by all workers, and they will have to respect it at all times. In addition, it will need to be adapted so that the information it provides is easy to understand and its compliance will be monitored. Specific training will also be provided in order to fulfil its technical precepts.


As for personal protective equipment or PPE, these must be sufficient for all operators. In addition, they will guarantee comfort during use and protect from the risks to which the workers are exposed. For example, those professionals who cut wood or are exposed to shavings will have to use suitable masks. Gloves are another equipment, which will be used extensively to avoid cuts when moving the wood itself.


Tips and ways to take care of occupational health

To begin, the safety equipment will be sufficient, will be accessible at all times and must be adequate for each task. It is crucial to ensure this, as it is essential to guarantee the safety of the operators. In addition, they will have to be reviewed from time to time to know their status. If they are broken or worn, they will be replaced immediately, as they could fail at any time.


They are essential to guarantee health in this work environment, which is based on having first aid kits always available in the event of an accident. The correct posture is also important when lifting weight and when using the different machines. This will prevent accidents and injuries that, depending on the severity, would become disabling. Special caution deserves exposure to dust, which can cause respiratory diseases.


In short, in the wood sector it is essential to prevent occupational risks and take maximum care of health. This sector has particular dangers, which can be reduced with a solid prevention plan, good practices at work and with the proper use of protective equipment.


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