WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: innovative fully-textile fire fighter boots. Boots made of water-repellent, transpiring micro-fibre PBI material, resistant to fire.


The fabric used, PBI is light but highly slip-resistant, and is specially designed for rescuing and fires. This material combines high tear resistance and thermal protection with comfort and flexibility. This light material ensures greater comfort for fire fighters, plus greater resistance to traction than other thicker materials.


PBI boots are designed for their lightness and transpiring protection against heat. Since it is a highly long-lasting inherently flame-resistant material, it offers fire fighters safety in the worst conditions. This material has resistance to initial tearing of 100k (doubling that of any outer lining). Despite being lighter than other textiles, it does not compromise protection against heat and flames and in many areas it has a better performance than heavier alternatives.


These boots, named Volcano and Volcano Boa, are less rigid and offer easier movement. They improve the ergonomic design of the boot, of key importance when working with fires and rescues, where the ability to move freely and comfortably without reducing protection is paramount.




This fabric adds flexibility and weighs less than other materials and is designed to provide higher protection levels while increasing comfort and transpiration as well as reducing the risk of heat stress.


Although it is lighter than other materials, it does not compromise protection against heat and flames and performs better in many areas than heavier alternatives.


If offers less rigidity and easier movement, thus improving the ergonomic design of boots. In fires and rescues the ability to move freely and comfortably without losing protection is essential.


It is highly long-lasting and inherently resistant to flames. It offers the best thermal stability available and provides safety to fire fighters in the most challenging scenarios.



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