Information Security Policy according to ISMS


The purpose of this Information Security Policy is to protect the information assets of FAL Calzados de Seguridad S.A.

The objectives of the Information Security Policy are the following:

  • Information is protected against losses of availability, of privacy and of integrity.
  • Information is protected against unauthorized accesses.
  • Security business requirements, legal or regulatory requirements, security contractual obligations and others requirements that the organization may establish are complied.
  • The security incidences are communicated and properly treated.
  • Controls are established in order to look after the cohesion to the Security Policy, in order to align it with the risk strategy of the organization and to setting criteria about risk estimation.
  • The responsible of the Information Security will be in charge of keeping this policy, the procedures and to support with its implementation.
  • Each employee is responsible for compliance with this Policy and its procedures accordingly to his/her working position.
  • FAL Calzados de Seguridad S.A. policy is to implement, keeping and making a continuous evaluation and improvement of SCIG.
  • This policy has been approved by the management of FAL Calzados de Seguridad S.A. and will be revised once a year. .






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