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Thursday, 26 May 2022 06:32

Fal Calzados de Seguridad participates in the Interschutz Exhibition in Hannover

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FAL Calzados de Seguridad will participate in the international exhibition InterSchutz that will take place from June 20th to 25th in Hannover (Germany). Interschutz is the world's leading international trade exhibition for fire and civil protection, rescue and safety, pillars on which Fal Seguridad's work and products are based.


Fal Seguridad's policy is based on offering quality products under the slogan of guaranteed safety as well as an eagerness to improve the design and performance of its models, to offer the latest developments and technologies in footwear for professional use in all sectors, especially in those that entail the most risks to the operator: emergency sectors, firefighters, civil protection, rescue, etc.


At this exhibition Fal Seguridad will present the recent novelty: its PBI boots, exclusive and innovative fully textile fire boots. On this occasion Fal Seguridad has taken another step in its desire for innovation and now these boots characterized by being fully textile fire-resistant boots made of water-repellent, breathable and microfiber PBI fabric, are implemented with chain cutting protection EN 17249 CLASS II.


This chainsaw cutting protection does not change the rest of its characteristics, such as its lightness, flexibility and adaptability, since the fabric in which they are made, PBI, is a very light fabric but at the same time with a high tensile strength. A fabric that offers the best combination of tear resistance and thermal protection, comfort and flexibility. This lightweight textile provides a high level of comfort to firefighters, with the added value of greater tensile strength than many other thicker fabrics.


Boots made of PBI, a highly durable and inherently flame-resistant fabric, provide the firefighter with guaranteed protection in the worst case. A fabric that withstands more than 100 k of resistance to the initial tear (more than double that of any other outer lining), and that despite being lighter than other fabrics does not compromise protection against heat and flames and in many areas performs better than the heavier and more classic alternatives.


220525 interschutz botas


These boots, despite their protection to the chainsaw cut, offer less rigidity and greater ease of movement, thus improving the ergonomic design of the boot, an aspect of vital importance in the work of fires and rescues, where the ability to move freely and comfortably without reducing protection is essential.


These models manufactured in PBI also incorporate versions with the BOA closure system, a technological advance that provides an amazing speed and a perfect fit to the foot thanks to the absence of laces. This perfect adjustment control, provided by BOA, drastically reduces the risks of accidental accidents due to the use of laces such as: falls by loose laces, by hooking with objects, etc.


In addition to the PBI textile fabric, these boots incorporate the Gore-Tex CrossTech membrane, an antiviral and chemical membrane, waterproof and breathable that protects against the penetration of water, blood, body fluids and different chemical agents in any state. It also highlights its fireproof and antistatic bicolor floor of non-slip nitrile rubber, resistant to heat and flame, with polyurethane midsole, complying with the SRC level sliding standard and HI3 heat insulation. In addition, its light weight increases the ergonomics and comfort of the boot.


The boot is completed by the non-metallic Vincap toecap, capable of withstanding an impact of up to 200 joules; and textile anti-perforation insole that offers lightness, flexibility, comfort and protection. This template is made with a fabric stronger than steel and is resistant to flames and high temperatures, protecting against thermal risks of up to 400 degrees Celsius.


In short, these boots offer less rigidity and greater ease of movement, thus improving the ergonomic design of the boot, an aspect of vital importance in fire and rescue work, where the ability to move freely and comfortably without reducing protection is essential. All models are manufactured entirely in the facilities that Fal Seguridad has in Arnedo (La Rioja, Spain), so they are "made in Spain", with the advantages in terms of service and quality that this entails.


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